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What is health insurance?


Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers your medical expense as a result of sickness or injury. A health insurance policy is a contract between the health insurance providers and an individual/group to cover their medical expense needs. The type and amount of health care coverage provided is agreed between the insurance providers and the individual / group. However please note that a health insurance policy doesnot always cover all medical expenses of the insured person. There are certain limitations in every health insurance policy agreed between the health insurance provider & the insured. Please read all the terms and conditions before signing.

Why do you need health insurance?

The main aim of a taking health insurance plan is to make sure that people have sufficient money to take care of their emergency medical requirements.

Best time to take health insurance?

The early you start you will get more benefits. The premium of the health insurance cover depends on your age. There are few specified diseases which are covered after 4years of waiting period. This means that you have to wait for 4 years after enrolling in the health insurance plans for claiming the health insurance benefit. This period varies by the health insurance service providers.


List of Health Insurance Service Providers in India

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